CuSO4's Tokyo Anime/Manga Shopping Guide V3.1

Shop List :   Akihabara    Ikebukuro    Nakano    Shinjuku      Shibuya   
Map :   Akihabara    Ikebukuro    Nakano    Shinjuku (East)    Shinjuku (West)    Shibuya   

  • Disclaimer: The purpose of writing this guide is to help fellow Anime/Manga lovers to buy Anime/Manga stuff in Tokyo. No profit is gained by writing this guide.
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  • Please feel free to contact me if you find any discrepancy or new information on the shops.
  • I do not have time to add descriptions/comments of individual shops yet. I will consider adding them later if I can find some spare time.
  • The information of the shops is taken as of 2004/06/13.    Update History & New Information since last update

  • Legend:
    Area / Map
    ab Akihabara
    ib Ikebukuro
    nn Nakano
    sj Shinjuku
    sy Shibuya
    Open Hours / Rest Days
    11-19 11:00-19:00 Sa Saturday
    103-203 10:30-20:30 Su Sunday
    M Monday TFS Th, F, and Sa
    Tu Tuesday FS F and Sa
    W Wednesday SH Su and Holiday
    Th Thursday SSH Sa, Su and Holiday
    F Friday 3rd W Third W of the month
    ab Anime Books fg Figure
    ac Anime Cels gk Garage Kit
    as Anime Soft (CD/DVD/LD/etc) hc Character Cafe
    at Anime Theater ic Internet Cafe
    cc Cosplay Cafe mc Manga Cafe
    cg Character Goods mg Manga
    cp Cosplay rs Rental Showcase
    ds Doujinshi    

    'CuSO4' Yung, 2004/06/13